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Domain Name Registration

When building a new website, the domain decision is often underestimated, but choosing the right Domain Name Registration and hosting can make the difference between a successful website and one with low traffic.

In the highly digitized world, we live in, an online presence has become indispensable. From companies to self-employed workers to employees: your visibility on the web can be very economically advantageous. Check the domain name. Choosing a successful domain name for your website is the first step in developing your online presence.

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Domain Name Registration

What Is a Domain Name?

To describe a hosting service, we refer to the image of a house that contains one or more websites. Based on this metaphor, the domain name can be given as a unique address to which a particular website can be traced.

Thanks to the Domain Name System (DNS), you can access a site by entering the domain name in the search bar of your browser. It is a system that allows you to translate the name of a domain into its IP address and vice versa.

A Domain Can Consist of Two Or More Levels:

  • Top-Level-Domain: ending of a test domain name, it’s last part, the so-called suffix (eg “”);
  • second level: it is the fundamental part of the domain, the central part that identifies the real domain name (for example “”);
  • Third-level domain: also called “subdomain”, it is an additional part of the domain that represents a department, a specific section of a website. (for example “”).
  • Winning domain name
  • Whether it’s a company or a simple blog, a very common mistake is not to spend too much time choosing the domain name that will be the domain name registration pages of your web project. This is a very important decision that takes a few simple steps to be truly successful.

Anyone who has their own business or is involved in communication knows that the old saying “the dress does not make the monk” does not apply in the business world. When it comes to business, image is fundamental, it is the business card of a company. Your website and the domain name you have chosen are no different.

Choose An Unpublished Name Not Protected by Copyright

The most important thing when deciding to register a domain is that not all names can be freely chosen. You may have thought of a domain name that has already been registered by someone or that corresponds to a copyrighted trademark. In the first case, we advise you not to purchase a different suffix for the same domain that has already been registered by others (e.g. check that my online domain name .it is already in use). This activity could cause a lot of brand awareness – that is, your company’s brand recognition – in the long run. Not to mention, people looking for your website may visit the wrong one.

Before registering your domain, it is always a good idea not only to check the availability of the name you choose but also to make sure that it does not correspond to a registered trademark (e.g. You can avoid litigation by doing a quick check on

Find An Easy to Storage Domain Name

In a world like the web where the user experience is paramount, every opportunity is good to make browsing easier. With that in mind, choosing a domain name that is difficult to remember or write can make life difficult for hypothetical visitors to your website.

  • To choose a domain name that is easy to understand and remember, just follow these simple instructions:
  • do not use hyphens sign in the domain address, they could create a confusion (“domain. it” instead of “my-urlname. it”);
  • Do not enter numbers unless they are part of your brand, which could lead to confusion for potential visitors (e.g. “myhostingcompany. it” instead of “”);
  • Try to avoids repeating letters that makes the name difficult to remember, and also create lot of typing problems (“company. it” instead of “mycompanyname. it”).
  • try to shorten it as much as possible and continue to use the full terms (“domain. it instead of ” vpshosting”).
  • These little tips will help you make a really important domain name. Nothing more or less than what it takes to help people understand who you are, how you can help them, and improve brand recognition.

Highlight Your Brand

Choosing a Book Domain Name is a unique opportunity to highlight your brand and increase online sales. Try to take advantage of it by adding your brand to the domain and strengthening the brand identity. Highlight the company name and avoid obsessing over the forcible use of keywords. In the early years, Google placed websites within the search engine results page, also known as SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and assigned relevance to the words used in the domains if they matched the search query. by the user. The trend is therefore to fill domain names with as many keywords as possible to favor the positioning of the site among the query results that are relevant for the sites themselves.

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