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Cloud VPS Server – Onlive Infotech

The Cloud VPS Server Hosting is a system of partitioning server such that each partition is allowed to act as a virtual dedicated server. Onlive Infotech – Cloud VPS Server runs its own operating system, has its own high bandwidth and big disk space, and can be individually rebooted. This hosting gives the customer more independence than shared hosting services at a lower cost than a physical dedicated server.

Our Cloud VPS Server performs similarly to a dedicated server. Onlive Infotech – Cloud VPS Server is the ability to rebooting dependently VPS and full root access, IP address, RAM, software,applications, system libraries and configuration files for each. Like a dedicated server, you get full root access so that you can install your customized software and scripts on your VPS Server hosting platform.

Here are some benefits of using Cloud VPS Server Hosting:

Cost-Effective: Cloud VPS Server hosting solution is a cheaper than dedicated hosting. And Onlive Infotech- Cloud VPS Server providers are able to offer software, network connectivity, speed, and maintenance at a low price.

High Security and Protection: A Cloud VPS server is much more secure than a shared server, because Cloud VPS Server runs in its own isolated environment. Thus, a web master doesn’t have to worry about security issues caused by other users.

Full Freedom: Cloud VPS Server Hosting,Users have the freedom to configure their server according to their own needs and specifications.

Good Flexibility: Users can configure tools and they can also install their own applications, as they have root access. Onlive Infotech – Cloud VPS hosting provider will enable a variety of programming languages for users, such as Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP,etc.

Get Also Canada VPS Hosting Good Performance by Onlive Infotech

Canada VPS Hosting will be different and better depending on the customer’s requirements. You can do a lot of things with the Canada VPS Hosting-based website: Host your own e-commerce website, support corporate intranets, host a custom development environment, run web-based calendars, run multimedia applications, a Host a online game site, manage an email system, Create a customer support tracking system, Backup important data, Handle employee scheduling.

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