How to Keep Your Website Up and Running on a Canada Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers Dedicated Servers at the cheapest price with all flexible facilities. We are one of the leading India-based hosting providers for web development and website hosting in Canada, USA, and UK. Our Canada Dedicated Server is the best solution for your business if you want to build a big website or you want to host multiple websites on one server.

We offer reliable and secure web hosting services at affordable prices. Our team of experts will help you set up your server within a few minutes and help you to manage and maintain your server.

You can get more than one IP address from us per your requirement. We provide unlimited bandwidth for all our customers with a 99% uptime guarantee on our servers.

Onlive Server has been in this business since 2013, and we have successfully built a good reputation among our clients by providing them with quality services at affordable cost.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a robust and durable hardware machine that is dedicated to one user. The server is installed in the data center, which means it receives all the traffic from your website/application.

What’s so good about Dedicated Server?

A dedicated Server comes with many benefits that are not available in shared hosting plans. Below are some of the best things about dedicated hosting:

High performance: Since the server is dedicated to your site/application, you can be sure that there will be no other websites using it at the same time. This means better loading speed for your website or application.

Security: When you have a single machine to manage, it makes it easier to secure and manage your server compared to multiple servers that are managed by different administrators who may not have the same level of security awareness and experience as you do.

Customization: As mentioned above, a dedicated server comes with high-end hardware that can be customized according to your needs and specifications without having to worry about any limitations when it comes to hardware specifications (RAM, Processor, etc.).

High availability: If one of your servers goes down due to any reason (malfunctioning hard drive etc.), then another one can be configured on its.

Canada Dedicated Server

Advantage of Choosing Dedicated Server in Canada

No Shared Resources: With a dedicated server, you can set up your website on the server as per your requirements. You can install any software or application incompatible with other websites.

Improved Security: Canada Dedicated Server provides enhanced security to your website by providing additional layers of security like firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, virus scanners, etc., which help keep your site safe from hackers and viruses.

High Speed: A dedicated server has high speed because it is not shared with other websites; hence you can use any RAM or HDD space for your application needs without worrying about performance issues due to data sharing between multiple websites and applications running at the same time on the same server.

High-quality SSD Driver

All our servers are equipped with high-quality SSD drives. We have designed them in such a way that they are compatible with the latest operating system. Our dedicated server is not only reliable but also fast and efficient.

Flexible Managed Server

We provide various flexible managed services, including cloud hosting, email hosting, website hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificate. Our team of experts will help you choose the best solution for your needs!

Control Panel access

The control panel is where you can manage your server. This includes managing the root password, setting up a new domain name, and transferring it to the server. All of these tasks can be completed through the control panel. There are multiple web-based interfaces available for this purpose.

Spam/Virus Protection

This feature will keep your email safe from spam and viruses. You can also set up mail rules that will block certain emails from being delivered to your inbox. You can also choose between using antivirus software or not installing it if you prefer not to use it on your server.

Firewall Protection

A firewall protects your server against attacks from hackers and other users on the Internet. It allows only specific IP addresses to access your server while blocking everything else from entering its network range.

Better Bandwidth

We have many dedicated servers in Canada that can provide you with better bandwidth than shared hosting. A dedicated server makes your website faster because it has a high-speed Internet connection, which helps to load data faster and can increase the speed of your website.


We have reviewed the Cheap Dedicated Server offers from Onlive Server. We have compared the features, prices, and services of all the available hosting providers so that you can choose the best one for your business or personal use. You can also contact us if you want to know more about our services.

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