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Switzerland & Malaysia VPS Server Hosting: –

 The Virtual Private Server is one of the new forms of server hosting service. Today, most of the business owners are using the VPS hosting service. Switzerland & Malaysia VPS Server hosting brings the maximum traffic to your business site. The Onlive Server company offers smart functionalities for any kinds of e-commerce business. The Onlive Server web hosting company provides VPS hosting in different categories such as unmanned, managed and UN metered hosting service. So you can choose the right one which suits your business needs and budget. Many companies provide reasonable web hosting service to customers. We provide here complete details of the VPS hosting service.

Access Secured Server System: –

The Virtual Private Server has secured hosting system. It is completely different from a shared hosting environment. In the shared hosting environment, you need to share the server space with other users. But the VPS server hosting users do not need to share the web space to others. So you can get the secure hosting system. You can access the stored files, installed program and others without any hassle. The privacy helps to prevent the hackers and scammers from attacking the access to important data in the server. The small and large businesses are going for our VPS hosting plan over others for its high security. The customers can store data easily which is valuable.

Management of VPS Server: –

If you are looking for the affordable web hosting solution, then you can choose the VPS Hosting in Malaysia & Swiss. It is a reliable and convenient way to host the server. The users can get the full backup of server and high-speed system with the support service. The trained expert’s monitors the server at 24/7 hours. With server monitoring, the server provides quick uptime and quality performance. It is the best option for protecting the server with advanced security tools. The top server hosting company offers an excellent series of the VPS scheme with the lower price. The experts back up the complete website data. You can access the backup data easily whenever you need.

Advantage of VPS Server Hosting Plan: –

By choosing reputed Malaysia & Switzerland VPS Hosting service provider for your website you can save time and money in an effective way. The company has certified team to provide quality service. When you are choosing the best server hosting plan you can get large disk space, excellent bandwidth, dedicated RAM, and root access. The technical team provides you friendly customization solution with the flexible server management option. VPS server hosting loaded with unlimited

Benefits such as: –

  • VPS server management
  • Affordable price
  • Server monitoring
  • Exclusive bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • Free Cpanel
  • 24/7 hours support service
  • Quick Uptime
  • Several domains hosting solution
  • Longer Stability
  • Overseen data backup
  • Managed database and storage

Onlive Server – VPS server hosting offers the business owner a huge range of server resources such as storage space, Memory power, RAM, CPU, and others dedicated completely to the website. You can pick cheap VPS hosting service for your business and improve the traffic to your website.

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