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Cheap VPS Linux

Are you searching for the Cheap VPS Linux server for hosting your outgoing project? If so, then you are at right place. Onlive Infotech offers a wonderful platform to get Cheap VPS services with plenty of features. VPS is defined as a virtual private server or virtual dedicated server. In this hosting type, the physical server is divided into several virtual machines having dedicated resources such as CPU, storage, RAM and many others. A VPS server offers more control for the customers like installing server administration and desired OS. It can able to withstand huge sites effectively owing to the dedicated environs.

Some Distinct Benefits Provided By VPS Server

  • Ensure greater security
  • Easy scalability & further resources will be included by just navigating towards the control panel
  • Every user can enjoy dedicated resources such as storage, CPU, RAM etc
  • Offers a segregated environ for every user and hence cannot be easily interrupted by the neighbor VPS.
  • You have the facility to employ unmanaged and managed VPS server and many more
  • Offers the high uptime & glowing fast speed resources similar to the dedicated server at a reduced cost.
  • Provide you easy access to the root of the server so that you can easily modify the OS.

Due to these many features, it is generally considered as the best option for the users.

Features Of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

  • Choice of the data center: You are provided with the option of choosing the best data center because we have global data centers for easing the customers.
  • Flexibility: The service provider offers the Linux VPS hosting solution with flexibility and reliability similar to the virtual server
  • Unlimited bandwidth: The Linux VPS hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth. However, you need not consider the limits of bandwidth because Onlive Server offers unlimited bandwidth according to the website hosting needs.

Why Linux VPS Server?

Some of the notable features of the Linux Server includes of firewall service, instant scaling, fully-managed cloud servers, anti-spam software, traffic load balancing, manageable plans, high-performance SSD and many others. ┬áThere are numerous plans available in Cheapest Linux VPS server hosting so you need to choose for the appropriate one depending upon the needs of your e-commerce site. You will also be facilitated with the 24×7 support service to help you in terms of hosting needs whenever you want. Visit the official website of the service provider to get their services easily.

Cheap VPS Linux brand with more global locations, is advancing the hosting of Business and websites. Our Cheap VPS Linux plans come with unlimited bandwidth, full root access, high performance, disk space and more, which is nice for hosting large sites and business. and You will be able to upgrade your hard drive, RAM processor, platform or software applications. our VPS Linux plan provides a remote access to your virtual environment so you can better fine-tune the different options so it works better with your site. This offers more flexibility than a standard web hosting control panel.

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