Some Key Facts of Thai VPS Hosting Provided by Onlive Server

The server market has been growing at an incredible rate in the past few years, and it’s no surprise that Thailand has been following this trend. With the development of Thai VPS Hosting over the last year. Onlive Server has led the way as one of the best providers in Thailand. We’ve gathered some key facts about Thai VPS hosting from Onlive Server that you might not know about. So read on to learn more about how this fast-growing company has become so successful in just a short time span!

What Is a Thai VPS?

The term virtual private server refers to software that simulates some characteristics of a dedicated computer. Such as minimal use sharing, greater flexibility, and full administrative access and control. Often, virtual servers are based on hardware emulators, such as Xen or VMware. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system. So it can be configured to run applications and serve end users just like a physical server. So many VPS providers refer to their offerings as virtual shared servers. In actuality, VPSs have much in common with dedicated servers. They’re called virtual only because they share resources with other virtual machines. Most providers offer both types of plans and let you choose between them when signing up for service. It’s important to note that all virtualization technology has limits: since every instance shares resources with other instances running on the same host OS, performance will suffer if too many people use one instance at once.


Our Thai Virtual Private Servers can be purchased from ₹21/mo, which is an extremely competitive price. You don’t need to worry about your Thai VPS hosting package as we provide you with a full 12 months warranty on our services and also include features such as 24/7 support. Instant Setup, and 1000GB per month bandwidth! Our Thai VPS hosts will always keep you secure thanks to its Offshore data center that is located in Thailand. While most providers locate their servers in Singapore, Australia, or Hong Kong. We are one of few companies who are based out of Thailand which keeps your data safe with us at all times. We have tried our best to create products that appeal to everyone and all. To sign up for your own Thai VPS hosting plan, simply head over to our website today and choose from three different types: Regular Thai VPS for general use, SSD for enhanced performance at speeds of up to 100mbps but comes at a slightly higher cost, or Ultra SSD. If you need high performance but do not mind paying more each month. Once you have chosen what type suits you best then enter your payment details into our system and receive instant access. After a payment has been processed successfully. With an affordable pricing plan starting at ₹21/mo, a great support team available around-the-clock, and high-performance hardware provided at no extra cost – there really is no reason why anyone should not purchase their own Virtual Private Server today!


Data centers in some countries may be far away from your location and therefore it might take longer for you to access their services. However, if you are looking for a Thailand VPS server, there is no need to worry. Onlive Server is a Thailand-based virtual private server provider that offers high-quality hosting products at affordable rates. Another disadvantage may be related to a lack of technical support. Not all companies provide 24/7 technical support, so before choosing one make sure that they are available when you need them most.

Great For Web Applications, Less So For Gaming Servers

Most people use a Thai virtual private server (VPS) to host websites, mail servers, and business apps. The reasons are clear: Unlike dedicated servers, Thai VPS hosting is flexible and cost-effective. It allows you to rapidly scale resources up or down as your business grows and shrinks without having to worry about building out dedicated hardware first. In addition, it provides you with more security than shared hosting since your data will be stored on a physical server that’s not shared with anyone else on an infrastructure that’s managed by Onlive Server itself. These same reasons make Thai VPS hosting less ideal for gamers. Who wants to host their own multiplayer video games or who already have access to a solid dedicated game server?


The world is going towards Cloud, whereas earlier it was all about Dedicated Servers. The idea behind hosting your services on the cloud is that you do not need to manage servers and infrastructure. Instead, you will have a vendor who will manage everything on your behalf. At Onlive Server, we offer managed Thai cloud hosting services that help you in reducing your expenses. While improving customer service and the overall performance of your business. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to know more about our range of affordable and scalable Windows VPS Hosting solutions!

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