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Cheap VPS Server

Enjoy the Cheap VPS Server Hosting plans with Onlive Server hosting Company. Dedicated Server is an expensive as compare to VPS that’s why Onlive Server introduces new KVM technology based VPS Hosting Cheapest plans at a very affordable price. It ‘s the very sure thing that dedicated server is more costly, then its right time to choose our Cheap Hosting VPS plans.

Imagine a powerful VPS Hosting with multiple hard drivers and ultimate features, Onlive Server gives a chance to fulfill your satisfaction with Cheap Hosting VPS. It’s each hard drive is its own independent area, and high RAM, CPU speed, etc. it is Robust Network Infrastructure that connects your server with strong firewall network connection without any downtime or interruption. Every business websites need a dedicated space with VPS hosting Onlive Server ensure that with at the lowest price.

The important thing of Cheap Hosting VPS to understand is that it is a cost-effective hosting solution, capable of being independently operated and easily store information on HDD drive, and even can reboot, restart, stop through cPanels without having any effect on the server. Prefer our ultra-fast hosting services to get unlimited bandwidth with maximum performance. Our VPS server is flexible that permit to you to install any software or application that you desire for operation.

Know More About Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans

Our Robust Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans comes with no limitations to operating platforms or application. It is cost-effective, simplicity and ease of use. The customer can choose their specifications and build their own plans for any location where they want to run the business. It is the most suitable hosting option because our servers have the ability to increase revenue by spending less. Now, you should not worried about the server, Let’s first focus on your website, Our dedicated team will observe your server. Our VPS server is a powerful solution that stores all of the data securely in data-centers. Here users can configure components as per desired. Besides these factors, Free customer support, maximum uptime guarantee SLA and all version of CMS with proper installation.

Think of Our VPS is this way: We ensure physical powerful hardware with ultimate functions like own operating system, unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and security will be absolute with each server.

Plus Get Free services with each VPS Server Hosting Plans

  • Higher-Flexibility
  • Full Root Access
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Near-instant Provisioning
  • Seamless Upgrade option
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • Full Speed SSD storage
  • Unlimited Data transfer
  • Designed by KVM technology
  • World-class support
  • Guaranteed Resources – Our VPS plans based on KVM Virtualization technology that ensure to provide top-notch performance and high resources. Our servers help to expand business expands.
  • Secure Hosting Environment – Our VPS brings in better isolation and strong Firewall network security which makes Hosting environment more secure.
  • Top of the Line Network – Our network routing and designed by multiple top ISPs of a country that ensure high stability, and a fast network connection which is integrated DDoS protection.
  • We ensure full root access that overall control your hosting environment, it includes custom software installation and build configuration plans as per desired needs.
  • Plus, proper installation of web cPanels such as DirectAdmin, ISPConfig, Plesk, cPanel VestaCP, Virtualmin Pro, Webmin, ZPanel etc. that gives proper server management and total control over the server.
  • Make Custom VPS hosting plans to scales up business and can add more resources as your website grows.
  • 24×7 hours expert technical support team, they will manage your server.
  • FREE Consultation, Still confused about selecting right hosting plans then contact us and we’ll assist you, which is most suitable for your business.

Take Experience the Power of Cheap VPS Server Today!!!

Check our fully managed VPS hosting plans in our Official website that is Here Variety of VPS plans for multi-location at the different price range.

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